#Mermaid Thighs

Hello Everyone

Today’s post is all about body positivity and the #Mermaid thighs.The original #Mermaid Thighs saying was:

“If your thighs touch, you’re one step closer to becoming a mermaid. So who’s the real winner”

This was a response to all of the picture boasting about inner thigh gaps on instagram and twitter. If you have an inner thigh gap that’s great, but this fitness fad should not make anyone feel like they’re not beautiful if their thighs touch.

I remember as a teenager the amount of insecurity and negativity I had around my legs because, like most women, that’s where most of my fat is stored. It really damaged my self confidence and took me away from sports that I enjoyed like ballet, netball and running. I think that we should all aim to be fit and healthy, but this should not be motivated by vanity because your self worth is not measured by the way you look.

That’s why when we saw these #mermaid thighs responses all over instagram, we decided to make our own print.

My thighs touch because i'm a mermaid

I first noticed the mermaid thighs saying from Blogilates by Cassey Ho. Cassey is a fitness instructor who created Pop Pilates, and her approach to fitness and body image is so refreshing. I follow her fitness calendar and free workouts on youtube everyday,  originally to get thinner, but her approach to fitness has changed my outlook on my own body image; now my focus is purely health related and I’m confident about my thighs regardless of their size. I recommend that anyone trying to get fitter and feel more positive about themselves to follow her blog.

Please carry on the body positivity and share our print to anyone you know that struggles with feeling good about their figure!

Enjoy and live happy



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