Make your own Envelopes

Hello Everyone

Today at Ginger Elephant Designs we decided to start making a wall of envelopes from our prints to store our bits and bobs.

We both really love the look and functionality of this idea, so much so that we thought we’d share a DIY tutorial. These envelopes are so cute for storage above a desk, on a pin board or in the back of a notebook, but best of all they are sooooooo easy to make! All you need is a square piece of thick paper/card (ours is 200gsm), pencil, a ruler and glue.

Step 1


Cut a square piece of paper and use your ruler and pencil to measure the centre point. If you don’t have waterproof craft paper and you’d like to make the envelopes more durable you can always spray the paper with craft sealant.

Step 2


Fold three corners of the square into the centre. The corner that you leave will be the bottom of your envelope, so make sure you work out the correct orientation before you start folding.

Step 3


Open the top of your square and fold the bottom corner to the fold of the top corner

Step 4


Then fold the bottom corner again to the fold you just made.

Step 5


Fold the diagonal edges to the first bottom corner fold so that the edges meet.

Step 6

Unfold the bottom back on itself so that you create a’tongue’ the shape of a house. Make sure the edges of the tongue are parallel and vertical.

Step 7


Add some glue or a glue dot to the underside of the tongue and fold over the side corners.

And your done!


For more updates on us and our designs follow us on instagram at ginger.elephant.designs

Enjoy and live happy

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