Pressing Flowers by Microwave

Pressing Flowers is generally considered a peaceful and relaxing craft. However, if you’re as impatient as me, it can be extremely frustrating to have to wait a week (or sometimes two!) to have your flowers fully pressed.

But there is a solution for you impatient humans… You can press your flowers by microwave for instant results- HOORRAAAY!

This method is very easy and you don’t need any fancy equipment.


Step One: Pick Flowers! (My doggy Charlie particularly enjoyed this part.) The best flowers to use are flat leaf flowers like pansies, or the individual flowers of hydrangeas. You should also select flowers or leaves with less moisture, this is because the microwave quickly sucks out all the liquid- so the more moisture there is ,the more the flowers or leaves shrink and become unrecognisable.



Step Two: Now you are layering all of you materials like a sandwich. Place your flowers face down on some kitchen towel/tissue (if you don’t have any kitchen towel normal toilet roll works too, just replace it regularly as it is more likely to burn). Then put more kitchen towel on top of your flowers.

Step Three: Fold over some baking paper round the tissue. I didn’t have any baking paper, so I used normal printer paper-again you had to replace this every time to stop it from burning.

Step Four: You now need to place something microwavable and heavy on top of your baking paper to press down the flowers. I used a normal pie dish because it had a relatively flat bottom.





Final Step: Set your microwave to half power and put your flower ‘sandwich’ in for a minute at first. The amount of time you need to microwave depends on the type of flower/leaf. As a general rule, set the timer for a minute first, check, and then add more time (in 30 second increments) until your flower/leaf is crisp. Sometimes you need to let the flowers cool for a minute to see if they’re crisp – you should alternate your ‘batches’ for the best results. This might seem a bit labour intensive, but you risk burning your flowers if you don’t do it like this.



And you’re done! I like to put my flowers in frames, but however you present them, you should paste over them with modpodge to preserve their vibrancy!

Enjoy and Live Happy!



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